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Patient satisfaction is vitally important to us, and we know that finding a caring, skilled doctor is not always easy. However, at Eye Specialists of Napa Valley, our board-certified eye doctors and eye surgeons hope that the reviews below will give you insight into what we offer and who we are. If you're looking for an eye care specialist for your family, we encourage you to take a look at the feedback from our current patients. When our patients take the time and effort to leave a review of our facility, we feel so grateful and often use this feedback to constantly better ourselves to be exactly what you need us to be.

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Review from D.M.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 25, 2018

Thinking about how to express my satisfaction and gratitude I concluded that the name of the business says it all: "The Eye Specialists".  Over the past six months my wife and I have both been diagnosed and had cataract surgery with replacement lenses and the results are nothing short of life changing. For however many years we have left on this earth I can honestly say that thanks to all the dedicated professionals at this business our lives will be immensely more enjoyable and safe now that our vision has been restored to something close to what we enjoyed in our youth.  The communication skills so critical for determining the individual needs of each patient are finely honed by years of experience;  Dr Vu, Dr Bossetti and his assistant Laura, and Dr Jameson were all very attentive to each and every question or concern and very helpful in guiding us both through a very complicated path full of choices and decisions to arrive at the very best result for each patient. In addition I would note that we dealt with numerous other staff members from the front reception desk to a multitude of assistants who handled various measurements and instructions on how to handle our home care regime after surgery and again I can only say they are all dedicated professionals who really are a tribute to what I consider some of the best medical care I have received in many years.  Being a rather inquisitive person I was always asking questions and was totally impressed with the level of knowledge and willingness to take the time to provide a detailed and easy to understand answer by every member of the staff from the Doctors to the staff on the front desk.  Furthermore reading the complaints about waiting time I have to say any business as good as this one is going to have a high flow of patients in order to make a profit under the stringent constraints of Medicare and insurance guidelines for payment.  Observing the office flow I can only say I think they do an excellent job of handling the high volume of patients they see each day with minimal delays compared to other medical facilities I have done business with.  It is an imperfect world and our medical services are constantly evolving with some growing pains along the way, but in my humble estimation "The Eye Specialists" are a perfect example of some of the best results of our evolving medical system. Finally in closing this review I would like to add that while the technical and communication skills and resulting outcome of the surgeries of my wife and I are absolutely awesome and a source of enduring gratitude and respect for everyone at this business there is one other item I feel worthwhile to make note of.  They have all been doing their jobs for a long time and yet they remain enthusiastic and excited about what they can do for each patient.  Dr Bosetti and Dr Jameson can only be described as having unbridled joy and love of the care they provide to their patients. Dr Vu is just a little more reserved but once you get him started talking he is equally caring and responsive to his patients. The enthusiasm and positive attitude seems to be the norm in all the other staff members and it is truly remarkable and a pleasant experience from a very satisfied patient point of view. More