Blogs by Eye Specialists of Napa Valley

Get Customized Vision With the Light Adjustable Lens™ from RxSight®

Our Team | 05/14/2022

The RxSight Light Adjustable Lens improves your vision after cataract surgery. Learn the benefits of this innovative IOL during a vision consultation.


What Treatments are Available for Dry Eye Syndrome?

Our Team | 04/08/2022

There are multiple treatment avenues, including eye drops and artificial tears, that could offer relief for sufferers of dry eye syndrome.


How to Tell If You Need Glasses or Contacts

Our Team | 03/05/2022

Blurry vision may require a prescription for glasses. Learn about refractive errors and how our cutting-edge optical services help you see clearly.


How Long Do You Need Off Work After Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 02/03/2022

Cloudy vision can prevent you from reading or driving safely. Learn when you can return to work and other daily activities after cataract surgery.


Make a Resolution to Improve Your Eye Health

Our Team | 01/14/2022

We’d love to help you achieve optimal ocular health through a variety of diagnostic eye and vision exams, and corrective and preventive care services.


How Do I Know if I Need Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 12/04/2021

If you are 40 years or older and notice cloudy spots beginning to develop in your visual field, you may be suffering from cataracts.


Got Dry Eyes? We Can Help

Our Team | 11/12/2021

Dry eye syndrome can make your eyes feel gritty and uncomfortable. Discover comprehensive treatment solutions when you visit our Napa eye clinic.


Five Signs That Tell You It's Time for an Eye Exam

Our Team | 10/07/2021

If you suffer from eye strain, floaters, or halos around light, it may be time for an eye exam. See how our specialists improve your eye health here.


Five Things You Can Do to Maintain General Eye Health

Our Team | 06/05/2021

Tips on ways to take care of your eyes every day and why your vision health should be a priority for your overall well-being.


Everything You Need To Know Before Your Cataract Surgery

Our Team | 06/04/2021

Cataract surgery can address cloudy vision for good. Learn everything you need to know before getting cataract treatment at our cutting-edge facility.


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