What Treatments are Available for Dry Eye Syndrome?

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Tens of millions of Americans are plagued by dry eye syndrome. This condition is persistent and potentially detrimental to daily tasks. Many variables affect eye dryness, but it’s generally caused by an inability to produce viable tears. These sub-par tears may dry too soon, lack certain fundamental ingredients, or are not produced in adequate quantities. If left untreated, this disorder can reduce one’s visual capabilities and even lead to ocular damage.

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What causes dry eye syndrome, and what are its symptoms?

Dry eye syndrome is not only a consistently grating daily bother; it can lead to ocular damage. It may also present itself as symptoms beyond dryness. Sufferers may experience irritation, burning, stinging, redness, excessive tearing, or foreign body sensation, the feeling that some object is stuck in your eye.

Dry eye syndrome is typically a problem originating from the inadequate or abnormal production of tears. Tears are more than water and require three distinct layers to fulfill their job of keeping the eye lubricated, protected, and healthy. In addition to water, tears need oil and mucus to help spread, reduce evaporation, and maintain lubricity.

Still, numerous factors may prove influential. Auto-immune disorders or other underlying conditions, such as hormonal imbalances, could exacerbate the situation. Other risk factors include aging, diabetes, eye allergies, contact lens use, and previous laser vision surgery. It’s also imperative to see our eye specialists in Napa, CA as soon as possible so we can check if some other issue is manifesting as the symptoms of dry eyes.

We’re excited to offer you various treatment options for dry eye syndrome

Your specific treatment will depend on your overall ocular health, history, and the cause and severity of your dry eyes. However, several options may provide soothing relief. Eye drops are an effective choice, as are artificial tears. Similarly, certain drugs may boost the body’s ability to produce proper tears.

Alternatively, some may benefit from procedures that correct the function of the meibomian glands. These indispensable glands are situated along the edges of the eyelids. And they secrete a lubricating oil that covers the surface of the eye. But these meibomian glands may become blocked, and the tears no longer receive their oil supply and dry out more quickly. As such, dry eye occurs. But by improving the functioning of these glands, the symptoms may subside.

Enhancing one’s overall health may help. And certain foods can assist your efforts, including leafy greens, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, beans, and seeds. You can also employ some strategies to lessen the impact of ocular dryness. For example, those who spend time outside can try wraparound glasses. Those who spend much of their day looking at screens should take regular breaks. A humidifier may help, as will avoiding air blowing in your eyes. Smoking and exposure to smoke should also be minimized.

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