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What Optical Services Are Offered?

We know that your time is valuable and that eliminating unnecessary errands is important to you. That is why, at Eye Specialists of Napa Valley, we offer a wide variety of frames and lenses on-site so you can address your eye care and prescription wear all at once. The optical shop at Eye Specialists of Napa Valley features the most innovative vision technology, and we are equipped to handle your optical needs efficiently. We also carry a large selection of fashionable, brand-name frames, sunglasses, and multiple types of standard and specialty contacts. For our optical service patients who prefer contact lenses in Napa, CA, we maintain an inventory of the most frequently needed diameters and prescriptions to get you started right away.

What Are the Benefits of Optical Services?

At Eye Specialists of Napa Valley, we recognize the importance of comprehensive optical services that cater to your unique vision needs and lifestyle preferences. Some key benefits of our optical services include:

  • Wide selection of eyewear
  • State-of-the-art vision technology
  • Immediate access to contacts
  • Customized assistance
  • Comprehensive eye exams
  • Vision insurance assistance

Choosing Eye Specialists of Napa Valley means opting for a blend of professional expertise, convenience, and style in your optical care. Whether it's finding the perfect pair of glasses or getting fitted for contact lenses, our team is dedicated to ensuring you leave with improved vision and a look that suits your personality.

Who Can Benefit from Optical Services?

If you suffer from a vision issue, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or something else, you will likely want to take advantage of our optical services. If you are in the market for prescription glasses in Napa, CA, transition lenses, sunglasses, or contacts, our team at Eye Specialists of Napa Valley is here to help! We offer optical services, including eye exams, for adults and children and have a state-of-the-art optical shop so you can meet your needs as well as find something fashion-forward that matches your personality!

What is the Process of Getting Glasses or Contacts?

Once you have a comprehensive eye exam in Napa, CA, we will determine whether contact lenses or eyeglasses are good solutions for your vision issue. For many, the choice of whether they want contacts or glasses will come down to lifestyle. Some of the most common types of contact lenses we offer in Napa Valley include daily wear, disposable, bifocal, and scleral contact lenses. We also encourage our contact lens wearers to have a backup pair of glasses. The team at Eye Specialists of Napa Valley will assist you in choosing the proper fit and type of glasses or contacts within your budget. For those using vision insurance, your vision benefits may cover a portion of the costs of eye exams, contacts, and/or glasses. In addition, for those new to contacts, we provide a complimentary fitting session to teach you or your child how to put in, take out, and properly care for your contacts. Our facility is also proud to offer a variety of prescription sunglasses for those that are interested.

Optical Services FAQ

How long does an eye exam usually take?

At Eye Specialists of Napa Valley, an eyeglass exam usually takes around 30 — 90 minutes, depending on what assessments are needed.

Can you wear contacts every day?

Many of our patients wonder if they can wear their contact lenses in Napa Valley daily. The simple answer is yes, you can! The only things that may prevent you from wearing contacts are eye irritation, redness, or an eye infection. The key thing to remember is to always properly clean and care for your contacts to prevent eye infections and damage to your contacts.

Do I need glasses and contacts?

Even if you prefer to wear contacts, at Eye Specialists of Napa Valley, our doctors recommend that you also have a pair of glasses as a backup.

Are glasses or contacts better?

Glasses and contacts each have their pros and cons. Glasses are easy to wear, offer light and UV filtering options, can protect your eyes, and have the added bonus of being a fashion accessory. On the other hand, glasses can fog up, may feel uncomfortable to some people, and some prescriptions can distort your vision at the periphery (edges). With contacts, you don't experience any distortions. They don't fog up. They give you a more neutral, natural look and allow you to change the color of your eyes. But some people may find it difficult to put them in their eyes, they require regular cleaning and maintenance, and they can fall out. The bottom line: it comes down to what you feel comfortable with and which ones match your style and lifestyle.

Clear Vision And Your Best Look

Improved vision is one visit away, and Eye Specialists of Napa Valley is a one-stop-shop for your eye health and eyewear needs. Our experienced vision professionals are here to help you attain the best vision possible. If you need an eyeglasses exam or a contacts eye exam in Napa, CA, then contact our staff and allow us to help you select the best lenses for your vision.

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